The population of developed countries reduces and ages rapidly, and consumers begin to think about healthy nutrition, weight loss, lowering of cholesterol in their menu a lot.

At the same time, when choosing, consumers are oriented on products price, portions should be convenient, cooking should take little time, and frequently the need in additional preparation to consumption is absent. As a rule, Fast Food corresponds to all of above criteria.

But, what do all dietarians of the world tell us and from what do they warn us? It is right that such food leads to a number of diseases: gastritis, ulcers, problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, cellulitis, hypertension –and these are only some of them ...

«What's the way out?» - You may say. There is a way out!

The experts of Confectionery plant «Sweet world»tried to answer the question: “Could the food be tasty and healthy?” And we think that we did it.

“Fruit bread” bars are absolutely new, innovative product on the market of Ukraine. It is natural, balanced product, not additionally hit-treated, this process destroys vitamins and micro-elements.

Our bars are sweet and it does not contain sugar, because it has dried date as a base. “Fruit bread” is dried fruits and cereals, prepared in a special way, cold pressing, which makes this product not only delicious, but also healthy.

“Fruit bread” bars of «Sweet world» trade mark comply with requirements of the “5 a day” system in full and are suitable for all people leading active, healthy lifestyle, regardless of gender or age.

For those, who ask during a day: “What to eat?” - students, schoolchild, office workers, sportsmen etc. we offer the perfect solution – “Fruit Bread” of «Sweet world» trade mark! It will not only save you from hungry feeling, but also give you healthy pleasure.


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