Fruit bread •FIG-SUNFLOWER•

Dates – increase life span, give strength and endurance, enhance the potency and maintain sexual health. It is recommended by doctors when suffering from viral and infectious diseases, anemia, liver, kidney and cardiovascular system diseases.

Sunflower seeds – improve the condition of skin and mucous membranes, prevent the accumulation of cholesterol.

Almonds – clean internal organs, strengthen brain and sight, possess softening, ambient, analgetic and anticonvulsant properties.

Fig – especially healthy in diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Satisfies hungry, saturates with healthy substances:

  • vitamines А, В2, D, F, Е, В1, В5, В3, В6
  • minerals: copper, magnesium, sulfur, iron, calcium, fluorine, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, chrome, manganese, zinc, nickel, iodine, silicon, cobalt, molybdenum
  • eicosanoic acids: linolic, palmitic, oleic, stearic, arachidonic.
  • organic acids: wine and oleic, chlorogenic, oxalic, malonic, erucic.

It is recommended: for strengthening the immunity of children and adults, brain workers, sportsmen and manual workers, as well as people suffering from cardiovascular system.

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