Fruit bread •APPLE PIE•

Dates – increase life span, give strength and endurance, enhance the potency and maintain sexual health. It is recommended by doctors when suffering from viral and infectious diseases, anemia, liver, kidney and cardiovascular system diseases.

Oats – lower blood cholesterol level, improve liver and pancreas function, prevent hair loss.

Raisin – prevents caries, strengthens nervous system, works as depressant.

Apple sauce – lowers cholesterol level, is able to bond noxious substances, such as lead and arsenic, and to remove them from organism.

Peanut – is rich for antioxidants – the substances, protecting the organism cells from influence of dangerous free radicals.

Apple juice – helps to normalize activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Almonds – clean internal organs, strengthen brain and sight, possess softening, ambient, analgetic and anticonvulsant properties.

Walnut – possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, general tonic properties, enhances brain function.

Cinnamon – decreases the level of sugar in blood, helps a brain to function better, prevents an increase of body weight. It also helps in headaches, weakness and just bad mood.

Nutmeg – strengthens nervous system and memory, enhances the potency, has a good influence on heart, increases the immunity, calms down and cures insomnia.

Satisfies hungry, saturates with healthy substances:

  • vitamins А, В2, D, F, Е, В1, В5, В3, В6, РР, D, С
  • minerals: copper, magnesium, sulfur, iron, calcium, fluorine, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, chrome, manganese, zinc, nickel, iodine, silicon, cobalt, molybdenum, sodium

It is recommended: for strengthening the immunity of children and adults, brain workers, sportsmen and manual workers, for prevention of cardiovascular diseases, as well as people, who care their weight.

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