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Medical statistics of Ukraine

The place of Ukraine in rating of average life span in comparison with other countries is very low: the 102 place among women and 126 place among men (There ere 193 countries in the world). It is unreasonably low index for the country which is situated in the centre of Europe, and which is industrially developed, with modern medical servicing of people.

According to statistical data, during the previous decades, 1000 of people has more than 1500 diseases.

Today 80% of Ukrainians suffer from the absence of necessary immunity, 70-100% of population has deficiency of ascorbic acid (vitamin С), 40-80% has deficiency of vitamins В1, В2, В6 and folic acid; 40-60% has deficiency β-Carotene etc. And this is not a full list of deficient elements, playing the vitally important role for human's health.

Should this information be understood as impendence?

World Health Organization has developed the «5 a day» programm with the purpose of promotion of daily consumption of vegetables and fruits. Consumption of five helpings of fruits and vegetables helps to prevent chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and obesity, increases body resistance.


  • Due to consumption of fruits and vegetables in sufficient amount, it is possible to save 2.7 millions of lives annually.
  • Low level of fruits and vegetables consumption is in the top ten of risk factor of global death rate.
  • According to estimations, the low level of fruits and vegetables is a reason of about 19% of cases of gastrointestinal cancer, 31% of cases of ischaemic heart disease and 11% of cases of strokes in the world.

It is possible sometimes to hear appeals of our dietarians about the need of consumption of polyvitamins without interruption all the year round, and not only in spring. The World Health Organization thinks otherwise: it is possible to take tasty and healthy meals, receiving all the vitamins and minerals without pills, capsules and syrups. They have even determined the formula of such nutrition, and it is very simple: «5 a day». What does it mean and is it applicable for us?

Overdosage is acceptable

Daily 5 helpings of fruits, vegetables and other natural blessings, which in sum should weigh 400-500g, which is the necessary minimum for each of us. «Overdosage» is not only acceptable, but also welcomed.

Average apple, pear, orange, banana, 2 mandarins, half a cup of berries, cup of lettuce or vegetables may be one helping. The natural blessings may be as fresh as dried, the most important is not to heat-treat them; during this process they lose a part of their healthy properties

Official dietarians and vitamins manufacturers (odd alliance, isn't it?) claim that fruits shall be eaten by kilos, in order to reach the daily norm of vitamins. «5 a day» formula easily disproves this. First of all, there are natural blessings, the only one helping of which contains the daily dose of any vitamin, and sometimes even more. And this is not only an orange, which contains the whole daily supply of ascorbic acid (vitamin С) for a person. It is also contained in a small bundle of parsley, in 100g of strawberries, in 150g of cauliflower, in half of a grapefruit. There is a one and a half of the norm in one kiwi, and 1,5-2 of a norm in one green pepper. Approximately the same is in the helping of broccoli.

Many a little makes a mickle…

But, of course, there are a lot of natural blessings, which contain not only great doses of vitamins and the one helping of which is sufficient for covering the whole daily need. Exactly «5 a day» formula provide you with a daily norm of each vitamins; it is sufficient for one dose to contain 10-20% of the daily norm of any vitamin.

Great number of countries all over the world has created own programs of promotion of vegetables and fruits consumption. We hope this program will appear in Ukraine.

«Fruit bread» bar «Sweet World» trade mark - is a product which 100% contains natural components: dried fruit, nuts, cereals, which have all their healthy and nourishing properties with the help of special manufacturing technology.

And we are ready to declare with full responsibility that our “Fruit bread” may become the part of any program and system of Your HEALTHY NUTRIRION.


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